What is Oh&Ah?

Oh&Ah is the place where we sell the stuff we make + design + collect. We offer delightful, eccentric everyday objects, like fashion accessories, paper goods, stationery, table/home decor, toys, jewellery, prints, t-shirts, etc.

All items in ‘Oh&Ah Design’ and ‘Oh&Ah Handmade’ are designed by us. While there are items that printed out of house, most are handmade from start to finish. Items made by hand means there will be subtle variations from item to item. And that’s what makes handmade special – it’s made just for you!

Oh&Ah also source lovingly made items from around the world, some of which are limited editions or exclusives. We search for unusual and beautiful products, which we love for their unique creativity and points of view.

Oh&Ah Attitude

We love creating “Oh!” & “Ah!” – giving surprises, treasuring life’s little details, making the mundane delightful, finding beauty in imperfections, breaking the norms, and bringing an idea, a daydream, or simply a random thought to life with our own hands.

And we simply love creating things that bring joy when someone uses or displays them.

Oh&Ah is dedicated to the admiration and love of well designed things.